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Why creating Wills and Testaments is an ongoing process

Why creating Wills and Testaments is an ongoing process
  • Wills and Testaments are finite documents coming into action after death, but…
  • While you’re alive, the creation of your Will and Testament is an ongoing affair, since…
  • Your requirements for your Will are ever-changing, as your career gains momentum and…
  • Your family grows

When I was a kid I used to joke about all the things I would put on my will one day. How I would leave my soccer ball to my best friend, my sofa to my dog, and my Fender Telecaster….

Well, that I would be buried with.

Today I realise that what I once wanted on my will may later appear completely irrelevant. This is where it becomes important to update your will on an ongoing basis.

Let’s say in the years since you first made a will, you’ve bought a house, a car and opened investment portfolios. Your will needs to be updated regularly in order to maintain its relevance. As your career and family grows, so too do your requirements on your will.

This is why we say that creating Wills and Testaments is an ongoing process. Think about your wants and desires, hopes and dreams, and things actually within your grasp the moment you leave university. Now picture how you feel twenty years down the line when you’re planning for your children to go to university. Do you think that the criteria on your will are still going to be the same?

Most fiduciary experts would agree that the best time to create your first will is the moment you become an adult. But this is just the first step in many towards creating a coherent will that covers your family in all possibilities.

Crest Trust will ensure that your family gets the best possible outcome after your death, so get in touch us today to ensure that your will is up-to-date and that you have the best possible executor assigned to your estate.


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