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At Crest Trust, we comprehend the inevitability of death and its ensuing uncertainty, particularly financial insecurity. For this reason, our specialised unit, Crest Trust Fiduciary Services, was established to render support to clients in their time of bereavement, in addition to extensive estate planning.

Crest Trust not only assists with the drafting of Wills and the administration of estates, but also plans ahead in terms of the registration of trusts, relevant contracts, codicils and other legally binding agreements that come into effect in the event of death or contested Wills.

Crest Trust also discharges an important supporting role in the areas of estate planning, investment portfolios with guaranteed death benefits, as well as forward-looking life insurance products and services.

Company Heritage


Crest Trust Services (Pty) Ltd was founded by Ian Brink in 2005 with the main focus on rendering fiduciary services to high net-worth individuals and associated brokerages. There are now three directors, each specialising in his own field of expertise and representing Crest Trust in all related governing bodies and associations such as FISA, SAIT, STEP, IBASA and the FPI.

Crest Trust’s Vision


Crest Trust aims to be a leader in the rendering of personal fiduciary services to high net-worth individuals and associated brokerages.

Crest Trust’s Mission


Crest Trust offers the full spectrum of personal fiduciary services such as the drafting of a Will, administration of Deceased Estates, the drafting and registration of Inter Vivos Trusts, legal auditing of Inter Vivos Trusts, administration and Investment of trust assets and comprehensive Estate Planning and structuring.

Crest Trust’s Goals


Crest Trust aims to provide a comprehensive and customised solution to every individual’s fiduciary needs.

Crest Trust’s Directors

The Crest Trust team boast decades of experience in the fiduciary and related industries, providing their clients with esate management and planning, will and testament services as well as setting up all types of trusts. This is your fiduciary A-team.

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Crest Trust Services (PTY) Ltd. is an Authorized Financial Service Provider with FSB No: 28966